Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How should I protect my woodwork?

A: Just keep it clean!  With occasional cleaning your furniture should last for generations.  Orange oil is a an excellent option that will provide a clean, residue free surface.


Q: Where do your source your materials?

A:  I spend a lot of time searching for wood from a variety of sources.  I purchase 2" to 2-1/2" slabs of wood (bark on) so that each chair is made from the same tree.  This helps to ensure that everything looks consistent across the entire piece, and allows me the flexibility to lay out parts that flow with the grain.  Such as grain matched back braces and back legs that curve to match the growth profile of the tree.


Q: How do you ship a rocking chair?

A: In a word: Securely.  I build a wood crate uniquely sized for each piece shipped fully insured via a reputable LTL Freight service (Usually FedEx Freight) with liftgate service to your destination of choice.  Within the wood crate I use several expanded polyurethane pillows that conform to the contours of the rocker.  I then glue the pillows to the crate at key locations to ensure there is no movement during shipment: